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    Since 1988 Food Systems has responded to public and private sector requests for innovative, resourceful and expert advice with professional assessment, analysis and recommendations that have proven to be sound. We have undertaken hundreds of projects throughout Canada, the USA and the Caribbean for healthcare, education, government services and private sector clients. We have the expertise to help you.
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    Clients choose us because they are not foodservice operators or do not have the expertise to objectively assess their current circumstances, identify future oriented options and gather the needed evidence to guide decisions. Also, larger projects need a persuasive business case and a clear plan to obtain the necessary funding. We facilitate your decision making with the clarity of our logic, evidence, assessment, recommendations and directional plan.
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    Insight comes from the experience gained by a wide variety of projects involving people, places and predicaments that in some cases are unprecedented due to the rapid changes in technology, economics, societal values and attitudes. Flexible, responsive food systems, facility and organizational designs, marketing and promotions plans and business cases are needed. We help you achieve this through open minded, informed, creative and insightful planning. This is our forte.
  • We can help you do what you want to do... even better.

We Can Help

  • You want to take your on-site foodservices to the next level, check out the new North Bay Regional Health Centre.
  • You want ideas, a second opinion or business case to support your plans;
    we can show you what we’ve done with Colleges and Universities - some of the most demanding foodservice environments.
  • You need full planning and design services to meet government tendering requirements, ask to see our listing of over 100 successfully completed projects.
  • You may need implementation support when failure or cost overruns are not an option even if you are in Iqaluit.
  • You want to comply with the new nutrition standards for schools but you are experiencing lots of push back. You need a way through like the HealthWise Choices @ School© program developed for Dana Hospitality Inc.
  • You want your restaurant to be recognized for its great food, attention to healthy foods and preparation techniques especially for regulars who represent the worried well. Why not Analyze It!
  • You know there has to be a better way to manage healthcare foodservices or meal service for seniors on-site or in their own work more efficiently, create less waste, and achieve higher satisfaction. Let us show you what others have done in BC, Alberta, New Brunswick and Ontario.

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What to do?

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